Woocommerce Product Options Plugin | Custom Options for FREE 🤘

Woocommerce Product Options Plugin – Easily add additional fields to your products for FREE.

Need to add additional, custom fields to your products, orders admin and emails? Then this great free Woocommerce Product Options Plugin will be music to your ears.

Join me as I walk you through the process of adding custom message fields, delivery date fields and much more in this free Woocommerce plugin.

Pro Version:
Free Version:

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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  1. We all love a freebie and this little gem opens up a whole host of cool possibilities with your Woocommerce products. Join me as I show you how to easily add in custom fields to your online stores products!

  2. Good Plugin but on the individual product page the Custom Fields show but the View Cart text does not show after Add to Cart button is actioned. Any ideas why?

  3. Hi WPTuts,

    Is it possible to set a extra price if people want a extra message. For example: my t-shirt is 15 dollar and with the message/ name it will be 25 dollar. ill look forward for your answer:)

  4. Hey! Thank you for this amazing tutorial. I just tried it out. The forms are shown in the product page, but the input not in the cart-page. Do you have a solution for this issue ?

  5. Can you block out dates in the date picker ? For instance if our shop is closed , I wouldn’t want my customer to be able to pick that

  6. Is there a plugin or option to add a wildcard product line item that's not listed on the shop.
    I'm using woocommerce + NP Quote Request WooCommerce (to hide prices/cart & make RFQ) + WooCommerce Custom Product Addons (Free) (to add product options and customer special instructions) … this works perfectly … BUT now I want the option for a customer to add a new item to the RFQ list where there is no product listed on my shop which they would like me to source for them as part of the RFQ

  7. Hi, do you have any suggestion for upload picture for mock up? I run custom product, such as phone case, t-shirt, mug, flipper, bag.

  8. Hi Paul, thanks for the great video! Maybe you can help me out with my problem: I want to sell tickets over my page and want to collect the names of the buyers. If someone buys 2 tickets, he should have 2 requerid text fields.3 Ticket, 3 text files and so on. Do you know an – in best case – free plugin for this?

  9. Hi there! this is great! I'm testing it out and while I can put it into my single product page, the information is not being displayed on my cart page. Any suggestion? (I'm using the free option). Thanks in advance. Kind regads.

  10. This has limited functionality.
    For example, If I have different colors for and sizes for each product. I don't think I'll be able to achieve with this plugin

  11. Paul, thanks a million for this, I really appreciate the tutorial.
    I have a question- in a check box situation, is it possible to put a price modifier for one of the options?
    Say the customer has a choice of 4 options, but option 4 is €+2.50.
    That kind of thing!

  12. Thank you so much for your helpful videos! I've already learned a lot. I would really like to know: Do you prefer Acowebs or ThemeHigh in the pro version for product options? Best regards, Patricia

  13. Hello, thank you for your tutorials! makes my life easier. can you recommend a woocommerce extension that can filter the availability of bookable products by date, time, and the number of people who are able to avail of the service?

  14. Hello it's very helpful, I'm wondering if I can make searches using anyone of custom fields from the front end, can't I?, if it is so, it could help me with one project that I have
    Thank you in advance for clarifying it to me

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