What are some of the Best Business Ideas in Bhutan

What are some of the Best Business Ideas in Bhutan? Top 25 Investment Opportunities for Entrepreneurs to Start Own Industry.

Bhutan is a unique country both culturally and environmentally. Perched high in the Himalaya, it is the world’s last remaining Buddhist Kingdom. It has developed the philosophy of Gross National Happiness; where development is measured using a holistic approach of well-being, not just based on gross domestic product. It is still termed as a third world country with subsistence farming practiced in much of Bhutan. In broad terms, the land is fertile and the population small. In addition, the current generation receives free education, and all citizens have access to free, although rudimentary, medical care. The sale of tobacco products is banned and smoking in public areas is an offense punished with fines. Major sources of income for the kingdom are tourism, hydroelectric power and agriculture.

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