Vape Mods VS Vape Pod Systems: the basic pros and cons

This video takes it back to some vaping basics. As most vapers know, the two big types of vaping devices out there are mods and pod systems. What sort of vaping device should you get? Chris and Ian run down the pros and cons of both types of devices. This is a good beginner’s guide if you’re trying to decide what vape device to spend your hard-earned cash on. To learn more about the original vaping family, go here: and follow the trail of crumbs to our site!



  1. Mods are for douche bags that want candy flavors and blowing big clouds and pods are for ex smokers that want to get their nicotine without looking like a high school douche bag.


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  3. I like the pod-mod. I am currently using a "Lost Vape Quest Q-Ultra" and like it quite a bit. I started with a Renova Zero pod system that was fine, but the bigger (but not too big) Quest is plenty customizable for me. it does have a built-in, non-replaceable battery though and I am now looking for something about the same size and just as customizable, but with a replaceable battery, something like the Lost Vape Thelema. I found this video while searching for something to compete with that.

  4. its funny how bad they are tryin to shift the industry away from the mods!!! cuz mods are soo cheap to run!! after initial investment mods will probably be $20/a year! juice being separate!

  5. Lols Pods is more expensive if you going to think of it 100x.. Why? how many times are you going to Change your cartridge ?
    while RTA or RDA requires only A coils wires are way more Cheaper than Pod Cartridge.. imagine when
    you buy 1m. long special wire that only cost at about $8 /m. how many coils can you do with that..
    this reviewers are still Newbies when it comes to PROS n CONS

  6. i would go with PODS coz the reason i quit smoking and moved to vaping is that there a nicotine in vaping , i tried both mods and pods i even do building but i dunno i think that the amount of vape you get into your lungs is not safe although i am PRO vaping so what matters to me is the nicotine only rather than the clouds. that is my humble opinion 🙂

  7. Pods are not more affordable because instead of buying new coils you have to buy new pods. So essentially every time your coil dies on a pod system you have to buy a set of new tanks with inbuilt coils that ends up costing you way more in the long run.

  8. Can anyone say which costs more monthly in replacement parts and stuff?
    Pod obviously you need to switch the pods, Mods you need to replace coils but seems.. less often?
    Mods use more Juice even if you use it on low power with a more cig/like configuration?

  9. Mods never did it for me and I’ve been vaping 20 years. Always thought they were dorky. But if you wanted to get decent nic levels and clouds, you had to be dorky at some point. I never went whole hog, and just waited for the day when the industry would finally get it right. Now with nic salts and mesh coils on pods, I’m a happy camper. Get a good nic fix and decent clouds out of a device you can easily slide in your pocket or tote around. All the vape shops all tried to talk me into these ridiculous looking rigs. They laughed at me with my 0sub mini. Now all their shelves are filled with pod systems and the old dinosaurs are collecting dust. People that tote those obnoxious vape “detonators” around should eat a doughnut out of my ass.👊🏻
    Oh, and for those with the battery life /juice volume argument: you can buy 3 nice pod systems for the price of a mod detonator. And have juice and battery 24hrs a day. And you don’t look like a fuck-stick carrying around your moms big rubber dick.

  10. OK, I'm :45 in and already I can tell that you two little farkers are gonna make my damn day! YaFreakinHoo! I So needed ytou fellas and I'm neva gonna let you go! Hey, what's an old lady (oh holy hell, what a lie!) an ol' Krister like me to do.. No way am I gonna do the catch and release bull malarki! I'm gonna subscribe and listen intently, and probably listen to many more, cause you're totally awesome already! Have a good one fellas! ~~~~ Wavin' High From Maine

  11. I agree with each system having different pros and cons(also I still live with my folks and they don't like vapes so I use pods to be more… Uhh… inconspicuous… With my old mods I got busted so I was forced to sell the girl… Sad lyf me, but that's until I move out and get my own place, by then I can get myself a mod and they can't do nuthin bout it BWAHAHAHAHA)

  12. I’ll take my mod thicc clouds!! u either go big or go home and since I can’t go home I’ll go big!! 😂 to b saved and let a boat know I’m stuck on a island instead of smoke signals it will be vape signals !

  13. If I was stranded on an island I would take a mod! Open up my atomizer and use those hot and sexy coils to light myself a signal fire and still have enough power left over to vape my ass off until rescue comes!

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