Top 7 Pod Systems Right Now – 2019

These are my top favorite pod systems/ mtl devices/ AIOs right now. They are the pod systems I use daily. I’ll be covering why I love them and what makes them my favorite MTL devices.

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The Product reviewed may have been sent to me for the purpose of review. This will not alter, change, or influence my opinions at all. What you see is what you get. I only do honest and unbiased reviews. My goal is to help you make better informed decisions before spending your hard earned money! Want to see something reviewed? Let me know!
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  1. Hello, I bought some beat-pods more than 15 days ago and I have not had any response from them, since they are not serious and that they have possibly stolen from me.

    Be very careful.

    If there are more people who have happened this with this company it would be good to share.


  2. Why don't any of you vape reviewers talk about a fucking price point. I heard you say one price in this whole video dawg, it was 35 bucks somewhere in the middle there. I think it might have been your number 4. Anyway, just a thought. I'm sure I'm not the only broke ass vapor trying to keep his head above the water, especially right now, everyone is unemployed! God save us all. Thanks for your worthless time 👍😉

  3. Oh wow. A reviewer that isn't a middle aged person posing as a douchy teenager. This video is missing: 1. a flat bill baseball cap 2. thick framed glasses 3. sports jersey 4. an over the top cocky attitude.

  4. What's your definition of "performance"? @Hohms
    this realm of vaping is soooo foreign to me…… I now know why I feel so estranged from vape shops (and thus why I haven't been to one in months).

    "comes with a 510 so you can actually build on top of something…" ;-D
    what like a vape mod that ISN'T a pod system? No wonder why I get looked at funny when I ask if my local vape shops carry 20700 batteries. Funny watching the "industry" slowly forget about it's roots and 50% of it's loyal users/consumers.

  5. Too buy I can’t buy this stuff anymore because I’m “underage” I should’ve been grandfathered in since I’m fucking 20 years old but I doubt I’m the only one in this situation

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