Top 5 THC Vape Cartridges of 2020


So my annual top 5 is usually early in the year (not sure why) but oh well. These are MY top 5 cartridges of 2020 and don’t forget that you and I have a list that will be different. Mind you that I have not tried every cartridge in the market (who has?) If you really feel some type of way over someone’s cartridge choice feel free to make your own list in the comments or in video format so I can get a viewing in lol.


This video is intended for people 18 years or older.

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  1. Solid review my man , very well spoken and very knowledgeable. I like to support local growers however once in a while i dabble with wholesale carts . my list on those would be number 1 brass knuckles 2 smart carts 3 cookies 4 dank vapes 5 fire tanks

  2. tbh man it be good if you’d get over this little phase some time soon. I know it’s hard to hear but your a hardcore fiend man good luck to you.

  3. I’m not really a stoner, I don’t really smoke often but I’m trying to buy a vape pen an indica one by the way. I’m not into sativa. What would you recommend?

  4. So…….. by top cartridge you actually mean is top concentrates because the cartridge has nothing to do with the oil. LMK if you have a top 5 cartridges as in the actual cartridge.

  5. Hey bro how much do you smoke I feel like vaping made my tolerance go through the roof somedays I be smoking all day on mine it's getting harder to get the high I want.

  6. Good Point; I live in SF, Live Resin is expensive and yes, depending where you are, prices aren't the same (I.E Taxes as well as what the Proprietor decides to charge as far as a profit margin (typically a percent)). — Thanks for the video. I've subscribed.

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