Today we’re going to be taking a look at my current top 5 favorite nicotine salt e-liquids.

I know i’ve been asked 100s of times to do a follow up to the top 5 video as well as do a nicotine salt specific video.. so today that’s what we’re doing! These are my current top 5 favorite salt nic flavors 🙂

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  1. PLEASE HELP.. I would like to try nic salt but I don't really understand all this vaping stuff. Can 3mg to12mg nic salt be used in any vaping device with regular coils or do I need a special device or different coils. I have been off cigs and vaping for about 3yrs and occasionally cheat, I'm always fighting the urge to go back to smoking. I just recently purchased a new vaping kit the (Kroma A Zenith 75 watt Kit) Can I use nic salts in this kit and if so what coils and what (nic salt strenghts low to high) would be safe in my tank or do I need special coils or special tank.. I am using the 1.6 coils at 10watts in my zenith tank, I usually vape 6mg nic regular juice, MTL is my thing . Just want it simple. Am also tired of wasting money on un-vapable Ejuices due to harsh throat hits and am afraid I will go back to smoking if I can't stop the cravings for cigs., So am hoping nic salt will help with cravings to smoke and eliminate the harsh throat hits of some Ejuise.

  2. I don't keep up with all of the latest stuff and have never heard of salt nic, does anyone know what the difference is between regular e-juice and it ?

  3. You can use 0.6 coil with nic salts? I use the smok nord with 1.4 regular coil for my nic salts. I haven't tired the other coil 0.6 mesh coil yet, because i wasn't sure if i can use them with 50mg nic? salts.

  4. Guys i need some help.. i heard everything that was said in the video, but I’m still skeptical.. can i use my Lushice VGOD 50mg.70VG/30PG on my 0.6 ohm coil? I’m using the Breeze 2 device. Or will i end up with a flooded coil? Because from what i read all over the internet/forums is that you shouldn’t be using more than 6mg of nic with the 0.6 coils.. thanks in advance.

  5. Gotta try these, they look good!I' thinking of buying a drizzle to help with my smoking addiction.Any tips?I have had like 11 vapes before, but i started smoking after i sold them.

  6. Salty Man "Marshmallow Crispy" is my favorite nicsalt flavor. I've tried only 7 so far though. The shitty thing is the inability to try nic-salt flavors before buying. At least that's the case with vape shops around here. It would be nice if they allowed for $5 tank fill ups at least. Why these vaporizer companies aren't offering nlpples for taste testings is beyond me. Tired of wasting $30 on crappy flavors.

  7. I bought green tobacco juice but I said to the cashier I didnt want with necotine is it possible to have just the flavour of green yobacco or it has necotine in it!…😤

    Probably dumb question but I am new to vaping.

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