The SMOK Nord 4 80 Watt Vape Kit!



  1. you got the coil 2 and 1 reversed when you talked about the two different coils…….anyway glad to come across your video again after a long time! i bought my kangertech mini because of your video back in the day! really happy to hear about your weight loss journey. keep em rippin. fellow puppy chucker from the other side of the globe in Dubai!!

  2. I just bought one they put a different coil in it so I can smoke salt nic because she was not sure about those she said there for the 3% freebase kind. I'm not sure whats my preference but I'm going salt atm because of disposables I been using. These is so much better. I love it works great.

  3. I have a Smok Nord4, I have an ending with Battery performance. The charge of the device runs out very quickly after 30%. For example, the battery indicator is 30% and 0 after 15 Puff. What is the reason of this? I'm using a 0.4 Ohm Coil

  4. My buddy at work bought this to use while working… I said dude your an idiot. He's trying to be like me but I use a caliburn g, an actual mtl you can use while working. Lets just say he can't use it until break time!

  5. why would people buy this crap to vape at 50-60w on a 2000mah battery…. what a joke…. if you love charging your vape all the time. this is the vape for you guys out there

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