The Best JUUL Pods (Authentic and Compatible)

Juul pod collection:
There is a wave of juul compatible pods and they are almost as good the authentic one. Still, these compatibles beat the authentic pods in value/price and flavor.
In this video, we discuss the best flavor Juul pods.

Eonsmoke is the second best seller just after the real juul pods. Another compatible pod company is the ZiiPlab.



  1. Yeah ban them all so kids smoke cigarettes instead like I did when I was 14, I quit a couple months ago but my lungs are still shot, I tried everything and vaping is how I quit easily

  2. Just ordered the jones raspberry blue, pineapple mist, and sea Cotten candy and I’m hype as fuck. I love ur videos and you deserve way more subscribers

  3. you can buy all Juul flavors on their website. Just not in all stores. Obviously these guys wont tell you that, then you wouldn't go to their store.

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