Tailored Vapors review for August, 2016 Joe of all vapes.

Tailored Vapors review for August, 2016 Joe of all vapes.

Tailored vapors from Orange County California is a line of four sweet and tasty e-liquids with no lack for flavor! California seems to have a slight monopoly on the hits of the best e-liquids out of the western end of the US. Debate it all you want, but after close review, quite LITERALLY, I have seen the rising stars of the industry bleed out of this state and become the household names that we love.

Of course, whether or not they STAY there now that the FDA regs are in full effect is up to them!

*Wild Cake: A one of a kind fresh baked vanilla confetti cupcake with a twist, complimented by sweet strawberry icing with a cold glass of milk.

*Honeymelon: A Mouthwatering fusion of succulent honeydew and watermelon infused with your favorite tropical fruits makes for a refershing all day vape.

*Apple Dulce: A savory blend of sweet green and red apple slices drizzled caramel and peanuts topped off with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

*Carnival Cream: Your favorite fluffy, spun Carnival treat blended perfectly into rich, melt in your mouth ice cream.

My favorite out of the four was the Carnival Cream. Ordinarily I wouldn’t go for something so sweet, but the fresh creamy flavor is what saved this for me. The Apple Dulce was deep and rich, while being light and tart at the same time. A perfect combo. Like a sweet and savory blend that enriches the pallet. Honey melon was a bit predictable. Not that it detracted from the quality of the flavor, just that there are so many similar flavors on the market. It was however, true to profile and decent with consistency. The Wild Cake was solid. A decent strawberry that was light on the inhale. Creamy and smooth as well which was a compliment.

All in all Tailored Vapors is a high quality vaping experience. What I REALLY like about this stuff is that I can get it in 1.5 mg! I typically vape 3mg, but I’m ever searching for quality flavor in a lesser nic. Many out there are doing the same so it caters to a wide audience.

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