My Favorite Vapes of 2020! Best Stick Pods! Best Pod Mods! Best 18650 Vape Kit!

Below are ALL the videos of the vape products mentioned in this video.

Stick Pods:
UWELL Caliburn G Video:

Vaporesso Xros Video:

Pod Mods:
VooPoo Drag Max Video:

VooPoo Argus Pro Video:

Geek Vape Aegis Hero Video:

Single 18650 Vape Kit:
Vaporesso Forz TX80 Video:



  1. I personally am I big fan of the smok fetch although the sides are glass 🤦‍♂️. And it’s easy to crack but it’s good for like free base juice and salt juices. And it uses nord and rpm 40 coils.

  2. Hi rip I always watch your reviews and always believe on what you say on every vape that you review. hoping for more video and hoping that you will notice me hahha a big fan here

  3. Are pods going to be the new popular way of vaping? I tried one about a year ago and it was pretty dang comparable to a decent RDA build, but not like *stellar**. I guess people aren't really into building for themselves anymore, but I won't knock it until I've tried it. We all know a Tesla is technically better than an old musclecar, but the idea is still a bit sad.

  4. In Canada, I would consider the Caliburn G way better than the XROS. They failed with the XROS CRC pods, In my opinion. Some days it is like sipping on a juice box. It leaks into your mouth. I have never had that problem with a Caliburn G yet. Tiny bits, as usual. But nothing compared to the XROS. Mouthfuls of juice.

  5. Thought u quit vaping cause u didn't like the industry moving towards pods. Now were here….. watching you review a pod lmao. Your a sell out. You love everything thats sent to you. I'd say I love garbage pods too if the company was sending me free shit and making deposits in my bank account.

  6. Sold my voopoo drag max
    After i open up the thread for the pnp coil cartridges, underneath metal get rusty & just used within a month. Outside body good polished well, but internal lousy as hell.

  7. Caliburn G DEFINITELY takes the cake…it’s just better in pretty much Every way except the way it looks. I think the xros looks better,…..when it comes to performance, the caliburn G is the winner and that’s really what maters most. If you’re on the fence. Get the caliburn G, I PROMISE you will not regret it

  8. Mr trippers long time fan, but I’ve got a question I’m looking to get some real good juices. And I’m curious if you’ve tried any cereal flavors which brand was the best in your opinion?

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