FDA wants you to quit smoking with this Big Tobacco alternative to traditional vaping. I unbox, review and reveal insider secrets about the IQOS 3 by deconstructing the newest smokeless cigarette by Philip Morris International.

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Report on Nicotine Without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction:


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Today I dissect the Big Tobacco version of a smoking and vape-like hybrid, the HEETS counterpart, known as IQOS smokeless cigarette device. The IQOS 3 is the third and newest version of a tobacco heating system, brought to you by the people who got you addicted to smoking in the first place, infamous Marlboro manufacturer, Philip Morris International. It’s not exactly their take on vaping, but rather a less harmful alternative to smoking that guarantees 20 single moments of nicotine without the smoke. Perhaps that’s partially why the IQOS is unique in its FDA granted approval and is considered a healthier method of quitting smoking. In this video, we examine secret insider information on how it is made and the potential for tobacco harm reduction. We also offer a side by side comparison to a Quawins prototype, just for posterity. IQOS system is now widely available across the globe and will soon be available over the counter in the US. The popular new product has already boosted PMI quarterly profit, as this innovative device becomes more widely distributed and stocks jump for the renowned nicotine manufacturer. Let’s take a closer look!




  1. Been on IQOS for nearly a year now, half the price of cigarettes, no smell, good taste and flavours. Vaping is not going to be safe in long term studies.

  2. I feel like he has not smoked a real cig in his life if he is impressed with mango flavors.Iqos is great and it is like they market it .alternative to smoking

  3. IQOS removes the worst of cigarette but preserve how it feels, which is very important, for the existing smokers who want to quit smoking, never meant for vapers. But I do agree that the development cost and the price of final products are simply incredible BS.

  4. Thanks for the review. But what I got from it is that is, you're promoting a CCP (Chines Communist Party) product. They have no regulatory system so fuck that. Slick way to disguise promotion of a chinese product tho, so mad props. But thanks for saving me $150. I'll continue to vape American products.

  5. I was onboard till I seen the cartage is just a cigarette. I don't understand how this is better. There's dry herb vaporizeres that doesn't require this.

  6. Vape NEVER got my nicotine cravings satisfied… I take a hit like every Minute or so… With iqos is something else.

  7. Thank you selling me on trying the iqos. I was skeptical but after watching your review, I cant wait to try it! Thank you so much you probably saved my life

  8. Pretty bad review, sounds like he didn't want to like it even before trying it, so very bias, maybe he has a problem with Philip Morris – PM make it clear this is 'not' for use by vapers, another reason he probably didn't like it. The Iqos got me off smoking in a few months, unlike other methods including flavoured vapes, it was super easy, and 100% pain/craving free

  9. this guy advertise VAIP looks so stupid u think we all are morrots and we do not understand what are doing finger down

  10. love your honest review man "feels like smoking". PMI and IQOS can eat shit. IQOS is sold by PMI who have openly and knowing killed millions for a buck $$, they also sell and promote combustible cigarettes to youngster in less affluent countries, PMI are monsters, do not buy any of their products……………. just my thoughts

  11. There was nothing secret, nor insider, nor revealed in this vlog. If one wishes to know how Heets are made then Google is your friend. This is obviously a personal opinion vlog comparing IQOS and Vaping and to each one is entitled.

  12. I find it unsatisfying. Each stick you get maybe a drag of good puffs. Sure the smell isn't as bad and heating is better than burning. I find it just doesn't cut it. Also a lot of waste from the packaging and sticks

  13. Try the sienna menthol heets they taste so lovely I’ve had my unit for 4wks now no more smell of smoke in my home🏡I think the sienna ones which give you a choice of menthol or normal flavour are the best heets they have a silver dot at the top of the cigarette you squeeze it if you want menthol or don’t squeeze it if you want a normal cigarette🚬

  14. Tried every alternative and went back to smoking. For 2 decades, didn’t find anything to make me quit but iqos, first try, got me off the habit. Just hope its way more healthier than the real thing😊

  15. This comment section is a mess and a joke.
    Iqos is a worse alternative to quit smoking.. because it's pretty much the same thing just with a plastic filter that melts and a fancy plastic case. Do your research people, there's an hour long video made by Il Santone dello Svapo on YouTube about it, with scientific data and interviews, go watch that if you want more info. It's normal that Septum tore this thing a part every vaper worth their salt would.

  16. After switching to Iqos, there is no way you can smoke a single cigarette! As an ex-chain smoker, Iqos made me quit regular cigarette for good, and to be honest, my breathing is way better than before! No more coughing or chest pain. Iqos is the right choice for smokers who would like to quit regular cigarette…

  17. J’ai acheté l’IQOS et j’aime l’expérience. Je n’ai pas envie d’arrêter de fumer, je fume depuis plusieurs années. Cette petite machine est parfaite pour ça. En plus le goût du tabac est très bon. Sa vidéo n’a pas changé mon avis.. d’ailleurs j’ai détesté vapoter. Seul hic: la pause cigarette est plus courte avec l’IQOS.

  18. I was hoping for a review not a comparision to vaping, but even then, traditional vape is heavier to human lungs and the lack of quality control standards (compared to IQOS and HEET sticks) falsifies any arguments saying that vaping is safer than this in terms of chemicals inhaled.

  19. I think a non vapor needs to do a review about these. I'm waiting to get mine cause I heard so many good reviews but I feel alot of vapors doing reviews on this product have some animosity towards this it.

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