Deciding percentage of flavoring to add to your ejuice and week 4 of the Real Flavors Giveaway!

After a question was asked in the comments on a previous video.
We decided to tackle this in our live show. Being new to making ejuice… How do I know what percentage of flavoring to add to my e-juice?
We tackle this and any other questions you may have.

Don’t forget this is week 4 of our Real Flavors Giveaways!
Your chance to win a $25 gift certificate and also the chance to enter our quarterly drawing
of $250 from Real Flavors! You must be present in the live chat to participate.
Good Luck everyone!
We discuss some ideas in our mixing live show on how to create ideas for mixing eliquid.
These are our own ideas for experimenting to develop homemade ejuice.

Hopefully, this will spark some new ideas for you to create you ejuice at home.
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We hope you enjoy making ejuice at home !
It’s fun and rewarding!