CCELL Bellos Vape Demo Review

Vivid custom colors and designs are available for those looking to buy the CCELL Bellos wholesale. A slight vibration with every inhale provides unique haptic feedback. The CCELL Bellos only works with CCELL Bellos pods, which are sold separately.


Hi, Mark here with Hamilton Devices. Today I’m going to show you the new CCELL Bellos Pod system. The Bellos pod system comes in a half gram or full gram capacity so either of them work just fine. If you’re filling at home insert your oil of choice into both sides of the pod and cap it. It will snap in when you press on. I have a pre-filled pod here, and we’re going to insert this into the Mouthpiece. It’s a snap at the bottom, usually you need to use a little force and it will snap in there. CCELL Bellos is auto-inhale. You can put the mouthpiece in either direction; it does not matter. It will give you a little bit of a vibration feedback when you inhale. The vibration serves a couple purposes. One it gives a little feedback so you know your inhaling well. It also keeps that oil flowing a little better. As I may have mentioned, CCELL products the Bellos is available for customization. Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding that. We can be reached at or you can find us on Instagram at Hamilton Devices.



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