Bo One Vape Pod System vs. Juul

Detailed Bo One Vape Review. Best price guarantee: The Bo One is a French designed pod system that is quickly becoming noticed worldwide. It is a sleek, well designed device that provides an incredible throat hit. This Bo One review covers the Bo One unboxing, Starter Kit and the ability to refill Bo Caps.

For more info, check out Bo One Starter Kit Review:

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  1. Just bought one of these…charged it…doesn't work. I've tried everything, and this piece of crap does…not…work.

  2. This was the device I started out vaping on. At first I liked it, but after a month I began to realize it was becoming way too expensive for me. I only liked two flavors, the Icy Mint and Gold Tobacco. The rest sucked imho. Anyway, the device malfunctioned on me about a month in. The pods no longer made contact inside the device, and occasionally it would auto-fire. I went to a local vape shop and picked up a Orion DNA Go (40w) and some NET salts and stayed with that for several months. Now I'm sub-ohm vaping regular e-liquid (3%) with a Falcon tank atop the Innokin Cool Fire Ultra when I'm out-and-about, dripping at home with my Drop Dead RDA on top of the Vandy Vape 'Swell'. Anyway, just sharing my story. Awesome review. 👽💨

  3. Ok so I bought one and just received it today I’ve been using it all day but I just plugged it into my computer to charge and now it’s not working? The blue light won’t come on and no vape comes out when I take a hit? Has this happened to anyone

  4. I honestly never smoked shit. I actually have in the bathroom once, but failed and gave up. I need a device that is a cannabis pen. If anyone knows any cheap ones. I want one for under $50, oil and pen or whatever the shit it uses

  5. Shittiest device on the market next to the juul . Then pods leak before even open then so you got a empty pod and covered in juice . Plus the devices shit out in a month .went through 4 Bo's and 3 juuls . Go with the myle or the sol

  6. I've had the BO for a month but already running into some issues. I've bought about 6 packs of pods (18). Out of those I had 4 pods where the bottom broke off the end and all of the vape juice spilled everywhere. One came off right out of the box and the other 3 broke off after taking the pod out because I was experiencing drag issues. The BO has started to drag for 2-10 seconds after taking a hit even after I thoroughly clean it. The battery life is good and it hits really well when it works properly. I'm not giving up on it yet but I am pretty disappointed so far.

  7. Bubbles gather at the bottom of JUUL pods and restrict your hits. To release them, I have to take the pod out and put it back in EVERY SINGLE TIME I HIT IT. It is a real piece of junk. I picked up a "Rock" from Boulder out of frustration and I am happy.

  8. Hi, really liking your videos. I was wondering if you would do a review on the Aegis Legend? I use one with a freemax mesh pro with a triple mesh coil and I have to say that it's incredible. I would be very interested in hearing your opinion

  9. purchased the bo awhile ago and it was great at first but it definitely is not worth it. Broke fairly quickly and I never really dropped it or used it frequently

  10. I've bought two BO's they both breakdown on me, it worked well for a while like 3 days, then it started dripping, i had inhale harder to get a hit and it just started to over burn.
    Jul is easier to manage, and cheaper to refill the pods with vape juice, instead of buying 15$ pods, with limited nicotine percentage, i buy the juice with a million options of nicotine and flavors

  11. i'm having some concerns about these plastic pods (i own the BO and PHIX)…the coils sit tightly inside those tiny plastic chambers and heat up in quite high temps …so do we INHALE PLASTIC with all these pods? i have sent 2-3 emails to J WELL about this matter and if there is actually a quality control about that and i got NO answer.. ://

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