Best POD MOD Vape

Best pod mod vape . This is a list of the BEST pod mods in vaping so far. The best pod mod vape list is in no particular order, these are just what I feel are the best that have been brought to the market so far

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  1. Im a mech user, so im not easy to please with a pod system. Yet i do use them for my CBD vpes. I tried quiet a few pod's and my all time favourite is asmodus pyke. I love the slim disign. It fits in every hand, every pocket. Its light weight ever so easy to carry. The way to fill it is easy, no leaking and the pod slides in through magnetic system. Its fast charging and long lasting battery. The flavour is imo fenominal for such a small pod device. The only thing i would love to see is caps so you can close the cartriges to prevent getting unwanted stuff into your pod. I think i have aboud 12 pod systems and to me the asmodus pyke is the nr 1

  2. I have the voopoo x and the boost , l prefer the boost , more because it has adjustable airflow via that disc and also the rba deck for the Vinci x is a coil style rba and it’s far too small and fiddly to bother with , while the rdta deck on the boost is awesome , just need an external battery version that will allow more wattage .
    Thanks for the comparison vinnie it’s good to see .

  3. Absolutely love the aigus boost. I'm normally into rebulldables but i actually really enjoying the stock coils in this little aio. Great flavour and averaging about 4k puffs per coil it's a winner for me. Luckily no leaking for me and i have 2of them. I did buy the 3.7 pods separately which is obviously way better then the 2mil pods for size. Enjoyed the video mate👍

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