BCF vape mail,and charlie nobles pb cereal recipe

got my flavors in the mail,and we will be mixing charlie nobles pb cereal.
(tpa) peanut butter – 8.50%
(cap) sugar cookie – 5.50%
(cap) vanilla custard v-1 – 3.50%
(tpa) malted milk – 1.50%
(fw) bavarian cream – .50%
(fw) cotton candy – .50%
saline solution/1 drop/10ml
acetyl pyrazine/1 drop/10ml

Thoughts from Charlie

I used cvs sterile nasal mist 0.9% sodium chloride solution.
You can make your own using sea salt,and distilled water,so basically it is salt water,so in my 30 ml recipe,its only 3 drops.

This recipe came out real good.you can taste the slight saltyness from the saline,and the moistness from it.