Are stores selling vaping products to underage buyers?

ABC News’ Gio Benitez went on an undercover sting with police to see if stores would sell vaping products to teens without proper ID.



  1. As a Australian, most tabbaco stores don’t id as they care about the money, I smoked from 15 to this year 16 and never got id once

  2. That dumbass is in the hospital because of fake THC carts not because of nicotine products. I've been vaping 7 years and I've never been to the hospital🤔

  3. "I have died 5 times due to vaping. it is a medical condition called metal shards in my lungs. My mother is not HAPPY anymore. I cant quit vaping!!!!! – sincerely Thomas Jefferson" This is my favorite quote.

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  5. In Australia the government makes around 15 and per box of cigarettes that are sold hence why they haven’t banned them and don’t be surprised if they do it next to to vapes to ‘stop kids vaping’

  6. Would like to know the fines and how much jail time under 21 get for illegally purchasing vaping products? They should get the same criminal charges as the stores – and if they are minors, their parents need to pay.

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