Aqua E-Liquid Synthetic Taste Test

Well… 1 out of two ain’t bad. Today I try The latest rendition of the infamous Aqua line now made with synthetic nicotine. Is TFN the way to go for Aqua? We’ll see! Taste test this iconic e-liquid series with EightVape!

Aqua Oasis: Take respite from the wicked world and find yourself in a bottle of the ultra-premium Oasis e-liquid by Aqua. Oasis e-juice truly is an oasis among all the other dirty and smelly vape-juices on the market. Savor the distinctive layers of the brightest fruit flavors of sun-ripened peach, intensely sweet cantaloupe and exotic papaya. Oasis e-liquid is a smooth hitting vape with wonderfully distinctive and clean tasting fruit flavors that will please even the most discerning vapers.
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The Aqua Synthetic Nicotine Mist is one of the greatest combinations of green apples, juicy peaches, and tangy kiwi that you will ever taste. (To be fair, there aren’t a lot of that combination around, so it’s pretty rare.) It’s an amazing blend of three distinct fruits, and it will have you rushing back for more!
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