510 Cartridges – Difference between Ceramic Coil and Cotton Wick cartridges

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510 Ceramic Vape Cartridges are the future of oil vaping! These disposable oil cartridges are 100% wickless! Now you can truly get the most out of every drop of essential oil you fill your cartridge with. Ceramic oil cartridges simply burn better and more efficiently then their wick counterparts. It is not advised that you use these empty vape cartridges with buttonless batteries since they require a higher voltage to get the right temperature for vaping oil. Another great thing about these no wick vape cartridges is that they can be used multiple times. There is no wick to burn out and if you keep it clean they can last for multiple fill ups.

classic wick-style cartridge tanks are affordable, reliable, and universally compatible with common cartridge batteries (auto and manual) in addition to other lower output vape mods. In fact, they are commonly sold prefilled under different brand names. Featuring a leak proof design and sporting a 0.5mL capacity, these high quality replacement cartridges are the ideal size and shape for all your vaping needs. The circular metal mouthpiece also adds a feeling of quality over its plastic counterpart.



  1. Should i Decarboxilate my Weed when using vaping on a ceramic catridge? i mean, is the ceramic heating element hot enought to decarboxilate my oil or this sould previously done??

  2. I think the heat from the ccell cart turned by batch to sugar wax, and dark inside the tank in no time. I had it on the lowest setting. The wick comes lasted way longer. Dang what do I need to do here Lol. I like making my own.

  3. Dysfunctional at the least it came not working after I had to wait when it has free first class mail still have to wait like 3-4 days for it and when I get it is defective and now they're like oh well we don't know how we're going to do this because you have to be able to print this label out to be able to send it back what I help run a business we don't have to print a label we don't have to send somebody a labeled as to be printed off of their phone you can mail them a label or tell them what the label needs and do the label yourself with the label machine I have one at my old job don't know how I'm going to do it just anybody have do you have a good suggestion the reason I like that was not the size it's really tiny it's discreet I kind of like that the puff counter was the whole reason and the fact that it could accept wider cartridges because the newer cartridges I've seen lately have been fatter than the normal 1:10 thread cartridges please help need good pain mod whatever may be good for Saturday dab and prefilled high concentrate THC oil s

  4. Hi I just got a new brand of prefilled 510 coil cartridges they are thicker oil it's a THC concentrate called voodoo witch doctor says witchdoctor on the box don't know the strengths of the strands only know the names because they're on the box heard they were better thicker oil the oil darker the oil sticker what would you recommend would be a good mod for a regular one like the size of King pins prefilled cartridge the one gram it's skinny but it's long not too long I need to find a good mod I bought a mig pro battery n it was

  5. I’m having an issue where about 20% of my ceramic leak proof carts will not screw back on correctly after I refill them. The tip ends up coming off and the threads inside of the tip come out and stay attached to the cartridge. Any help would be appreciated. I have the exact carts in the thumbnail I believe.

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