5 Tasty Flavors By Sweet Chemistry, UK Premium Juice at it BEST!!

Reviewing these 5 amazing flavors by Sweet Chemistry, Made in the UK

About Sweet Chemistry
Sweet Chemistry was founded in 2020 by a vaping expert who saw a gaping hole in the flavors available to vapers. No specific desserts? No classic cocktails? That wrong has now been put right.

We’ve hit on a winning formula

Creating these awesome flavors has taken all the skills of one of Europe’s leading vape juice manufacturers. And we’re sure your customers will come back for more and more when they discover that our e-liquids really deliver on the delights promised by the names of these five new sweet sensations.

5 New E-Liquids To Go Vape For!
Inspired By The Bakery:

1- Lemon Blondie
Zesty and tarty, fudgy and gooey all in one vape? We’ve made it happen. Close your eyes when vaping Lemon Blondie and it’s not hard to imagine yourself tucking into a cake smothered with rich Belgian white chocolate with the unmistakable burst of fresh ripe lemon to enjoy with every inhalation.

Who doesn’t love a brownie? We’ve captured the sweet smoothness of caramel, combined the spark of salt and more than a hint of deep cocoa and Belgian chocolate. The result? Brownie heaven. And there’s no danger of vapers getting chocolate around their mouths!

A classic cake captured in a vape—and yes, there’s even a cherry on top. All the ingredients that have made cherry bakewells cake stand favourites since way back when are here. Vapers will taste the almond, and the silky smooth glaze of the thick white icing, rounded off with the zing of that crowning cherry.

Our New Flavors Aren’t Just Desserts…
Cocktails For Two, Any Time Of Day:

No need to wait for a mixologist to do their thing. The work has already been done, to perfection. Vapers will experience the sweetness of cranberry juice and the tang of lime, finished off by zesty orange that makes this flavor some cocktail an all-time favourite.

Is there a more refreshing fruit than watermelon? We’ve captured the freshness and combined it with a hint of mint and cucumber, and then thrown elder flower and lime juice into the mix. And to complete the experience, an Agave nectar aftertaste rounds off the vape.

Get The Sweetest Feeling, find out more about the 5 new flavors from Sweet Chemistry

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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical