4 Prefilled/Refillable Pods! The Kwit Stick! Beginner Vape Kit!



  1. im just going around leaving negative comments on videos about this product, my lungs were actually in pain after a few months of regular use went away almost immediately after i switched to something new, 0/10

  2. If you vape 30mg instead of 50mg, do not buy this! The replacement pods only come in 50mg and it's very difficult to extract it. You can buy 30mg liquid but will have to vape 50mg for awhile until it's empty. Unbelievable, they don't offer 30mg replacement pods.

  3. Pubbyjugger pubbyjugger SNUGGYDUGGY nibbletip wibble wibble rippchipper skippy pipper pah'le up'th' COCAINEEeEeEe!!….

    Wacky-wavy-inflatable-ARM-flailing-TUBE-man! Wacky-wavy-inflatable-ARM-flailing-TUBE-man!

    I need a nap. OKAY BACK! zzzZz…

  4. His whole stchick is horrible. Trying so hard to be excited and animated just makes him look like a speed freak, not to mention it's phony.

  5. Hey Rip I know it's been a bit since you uploaded this vid but when your done with the refillable pods is there another pack of pods I can buy or do different cartridges fit in the kwit stik? Plz lmk! Keep up the good work. #keepvapingalive

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