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Among the loans currently generating great interest are, among others, so-called payday loans. They are given by Palibanks, which are more on Polish. Few people know, however, that their offer is not only payday loans. Below we present what we can count on when deciding to take advantage of the Palibanks offer. Payday loans, i.e. short-term loans, are of course the most popular product of the non-banking financial market.

Their name does not come from nowhere

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They are given for a really short time. In general, the loan duration in their case ranges from a few to no more than sixty days. In the initial period of existence, non-bank companies offered loans to their clients for a short time and a relatively small amount – they generally did not amount to more than one thousand klotxc.

Today the situation is definitely different. As for payday payday, you can borrow up to six thousand klotxc today. The lowest amount generally offered by Palibanks is fifty klotxc. It should be added that a lot of Palibanks offer their clients a free first loan. What does it mean? There is no interest rate on the first loan. As a consequence, we will refund the exact amount that the loan was based on.

Palibanks are constantly expanding their offer

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Currently, these are not only payday loans, but also installment loans granted for higher amounts and longer periods. It’s a great choice for people who need a much higher amount of money, but will not get a traditional loan at any bank. Such a loan is even thirty thousand klotxc today.

How long is the loan period? It depends of course on the lender, but you can bet for up to four years. When choosing a loan, you need to consider the potential costs that are associated with it.

Do payday loans affect your creditworthiness?


Some loan companies expect the client to provide a bank statement covering the last few months. Such an extract is an alternative to the traditional income statement. The statement confirms that we receive regular payments to the account. It also shows how much we spend per month.

While the ID card is always a required document, only selected lenders require a certificate of employment and income. It is usually the case that people who take out payday loans do not need to provide any documents other than an identity document. This significantly reduces the procedure for applying for a loan, and at the same time means that it can be taken by those who have no legal employment.

Payday loans are instant loans that are provided by so-called Palibanks. Today, such companies can be found in almost every city. They are very popular, among others, because the formalities to be completed when taking payday loans have been kept to a minimum. Therefore, the question arises as to what documents are necessary for a parabank to lend us money.

Most people who have decided on a payday loan are looking for a loan to get which you do not need anything except an ID card. It turns out that among the so-called Palibanks, there are plenty of companies that borrow money by presenting only an ID document. This document confirms personal data and citizenship, i.e. information that is necessary for the loan to be granted. It should be added that nowadays more and more companies grant loans via the Internet. In this case, you don’t even have to appear in the branch to present your ID. Its scan can be sent electronically.

Where Got A Loan Without Employment?

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Loan companies most often verify the identity of their clients using the ID card provided by them. The loan application must include the series and ID number. It is often necessary to make a photocopy of a document, which is then attached to the application. If we borrow online, we must provide a scan of your ID card. We will do this by using electronic mail.

Verification by bank transfer 

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This verification method works really well for quick loans. The lender asks the person applying for a loan to make a verification transfer. Importantly, this transfer must be made from an account that we own. It serves to confirm our identity. So if it is made from another person’s account, it will not allow you to grant a loan. The lender will only start processing the application once the transfer we have made has credited his account. So no transfer means no chance of receiving money.

Everyone who has to borrow money would like the loan decision to be made right away. Meanwhile, you have to wait a bit for her. In the case of Palibanks giving so-called payday loans, everything is really fast. Let’s see what lenders use to verify customers.

Palibanks use verification not only with an ID card or bank transfer, but also with a special application. To confirm the identity of a potential customer, you must log into your bank account. The application will automatically download all the data it needs. Many people will ask here if this solution is safe. It should be emphasized that such applications have an extensive security system. Therefore, you should not be afraid that your account access data will fall into the wrong hands.

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